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Meet The Boyes

Village Vibes 2019 is super stoked to announce Boyes Drive as our closing act for the night of Friday 12 April.

Boyes Drive is a four-piece rock group fresh to the Cape Town music scene and have been making waves since their first performance. The band formed in April of 2018 and has been relentlessly writing, rehearsing, performing, and releasing music since. They have played a number of venues in and around Cape Town and have most recently had their festival debut at Up The Creek, one of the most prestigious music festivals in South Africa.

Their sound can only be described as old school rock n roll with a modern twist. Their live sets boast a wide dynamic range that shows off their both their collective and individual musical abilities. They segue from slow songs that are flowing and lyrical to upbeat tracks that get people on their feet and dancing effortlessly. After months of gigging they decided to turn their attention to recording in February and released their first single in March 2019.

Liam McDermott fronts the band with his smooth yet husky vocals. He has been playing guitar for many years and has been involved in theatre since 16 years old. He is also the lead guitar player for Fractals. Liam is a self-described music addict who takes a lot of inspiration from The Doors, Rodrigues and many other old school rock stars.

Jono Simons, who is on bass guitar as well as backing vocals, is a well-known music producer and also has his own band, Fractals which he fronts. He has been working in the music industry since he left school and writes and produces all of his own music. He is also one of the founding members of Mountain Side Sessions.

Ray Morgan is the man behind the drums for the band. He recently graduated from UCT Jazz College with a distinction. Raised in Durban, he started playing drums when he was 9 years old and moved to Cape Town to peruse his music career. He is also in the bands Fracatals, Money for Bali and Androgenius.

Lastly we have Bradley Searle, who started dancing and performing at the tender age of 8! At 17 he was cast in his first professional production, Janice Honeyman's Peter Pan The Pantomime, as one of the Lost Boys ‘Nibs’. After matriculating in 2008, he took to the stage again in the hit musical Footloose The Musical as ‘Lyle’. Through theatre, Bradley taught himself how to play piano for a production. Without missing a beat, he has been playing non stop for the last couple of years. He met Liam through performing and they decided he would be the perfect fit for Boyes Drive. With his enthusiastic playing, he adds the sound to make Boyes Drive complete.

Boyes Drive will be playing from 22h30 to 23h30 at Joon, 40 Palmer Road, Muizenberg.

Tickets are limited! Get yours at Quicket.


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